Training at Berkeley

Squad Coach: Coach Bank

Training Sessions per Week: Offered:9

Age Group: 14 and older

Target Meets:

  • Intra-club, Local, National, International Invite.
  • Expected to represent BEST at the Thailand Open and National Championships.

Performance Goals:

  • Swimmers should strive to perfect all four strokes and underwaters’.
  • Swimmers learn to develop advanced race techniques and strategies in order to compete at national level competitions.

Expectations / Criteria for Joining:

  • Top 8 Senior Ranking in Thailand National Championships
  • 80% Plus Attendance
  • Swimmers should be able to balance academic and athletic commitments, and be responsible for own time management.
  • Attendance at the main competitions designated by the Head Coach each year.
  • ‘Ownership of Swimming’ – Swimmers are expected to commit to the training program and show maturity to communicate their experiences, goals, conflicts if any, and scheduling difficulties.
  • Year Round Swimming is expected including holiday periods. Suggestions on holiday times are in consultation with the coach and competition calendar.

Equipment required:

  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy
  • Short fins
  • BEST Swim cap
  • Goggles
  • Waterbottle (2x2L)
  • Front snorkel
  • Finger paddles
  • Big paddles
  • Band
  • Parachute