Race Performance


All training at the BEST Aquatic Centre and Berkeley International School (50m pool)

Squad Coach: Coach Ploy

Training Sessions per Week: Offered: 8 Min: 5

Focus is on refining skills, techniques, increasing speed and endurance. They will learn basic race strategies, preparation and the concept of goal setting.
Swimmers will build a strong foundation of technique and training to help prepare them to advance to the top age groups when ability warrants.

Target Meets:

  • Intra-club, Local, National, International Invite.
  • Expected to represent BEST at a minimum of two main BEST meets.

Expectations / Criteria for Joining:

  • Consistent participation in training and time trial events held at BEST.
  • A development of proper race–pace turns, starts and underwater phases.
  • Ownership of Swimming’ – Developing a commitment to the training program and learning how to communicate their experiences, goals, conflicts if any, and scheduling difficulties.
  • Ability to complete 12x100m Free @ 1min 50, + 6x100m IM @2mins
  • Technically correct starts, turns and underwater.

Equipment required:

  • Pull buoy
  • Short fins
  • BEST Swim cap
  • Goggles
  • Waterbottle (1x1L)
  • Snorkel
  • Paddles