Bangkok Swim Academy Mission and Vision


  • To establish the standard of excellence in swimming performance, coaching / teaching and water safety in Thailand.
  • To attract, develop and nurture members to their fullest potential.
  • To work closely with the local community in providing water safety and learning opportunities, in addition to assisting in the development of talented Junior National Level swimmers within Thailand.

To be THE swim club that all other swim teams within SEA wish to emulate.


  • Excellence in all we do
  • Passion for Swimming
  • Safety for everyone
  • Respect our Team Mates, Our Coaches, Ourselves; and establish a tradition of excellence
  • Honor our sport and the pursuit of excellence
  • Engagement with our members
  • Recognize the need to work as a TEAM
  • Commitment to Growth and Development of all Individuals within BEST
  • Fun and enjoyment through participation


  • Technique – First and foremost. You cannot progress without technique.
  • Engagement – We aim to engaged and effectively communicate and motivate all members within BEST
  • Legs! You MUST have a strong kick on all strokes to be competitive at the older age group. Improves body position and efficiency of stroke.
  • Build the engine FIRST (Aerobic capacity)
  • Speed – Must touch on speed often at younger age to enable the swimmer to feel fast and learn to race. (Emphasis however is still on technique and aerobic development.
  • Fine-tune later. Don’t specialize and don’t neglect aerobic work early on. Age groupers should focus on 4-stroke development. 12 and unders’ 200m IM, 13 and Over 400m IM development.
  • Consistency. The only sure way for development.
  • Variety and constantly evolving training practices and race events