Training at the BEST Aquatic Center

Squad Coach: Coach Top

Training Sessions per Week: Offered: 6  Min: 3


17:15-19:15 PM
Ian @ BEST
17:00-19:15 PM
Ian @ Brighton
16:45-19:00 PM
Ian @ BEST
(Incl. Landwork)
17:00-19:15 PM
Ian @ Brighton
17:00-19:00 PM
Ian @ BEST
(Land 17:00-17:15)
06:30-09:00 AM
Ian @ Brighton

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Target Meets:

  • Intra-club, Local, National, International Invite.

Performance Goals:

  • Introducing the fundamentals of racing and racing practices. This will enable us to insure a quality stroke based around a key pool of drills. Focus will be on how to increase speed and endurance by building a stroke around the essentials of swimming.
  • Focus of these sets will be to understand how the body reacts to different types or pace work, knowing the basics of race strategy whilst holding a good standard of technique. 

Expectations / Criteria for Joining:

  • Consistent Participation in training and time trial events held at BEST. Understanding different types of turns/Underwater phases and how to apply in a race situation. Showing a willingness to learn and improve on already strong technical foundations.
  • Be responsible for their own Punctuality, Equipment, Knowing their PB’s and undertaking good warm up and cool down protocols. This will hugely benefit them when their ability shows and they progress.
  • Ability to complete 8x100m Free @ 2mins + 100m IM Max <2mins.

Equipment required:

  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy
  • Short fins
  • BEST Swim cap
  • Goggles
  • Waterbottle (2x2L)
  • Front snorkel
  • Finger paddles